• Marriott International Cybersecurity Breach

    2018-12-10 | Fraud Awareness and Protection

    Marriott International, the parent company of Starwood Properties has reported a cybersecurity breach which compromised the personal information of as many as 500 million individuals worldwide. The breach of information targeted the Starwood Properties guest reservation database by an unauthorized party on or before September 10, 2018.

  • warning fraud

    Fraudsters Don’t Take Time Off During the Holiday Season

    2018-12-06 | Fraud Awareness and Protection

    While the holiday season means a spike in online and in-store traffic and sales, it also brings more fraud. Common fraud types include account takeovers, discount and coupon abuse, return abuse, payment fraud and scams.

  • tis the season to give

    Where to Donate for the Holidays

    2018-12-05 | Family

    The holiday season is a time that inspires many people to reach out to those in need.

    Finding a cause you care about is the most important part of giving! Start by thinking about causes that matter to you on a personal level.

  • thank you veterans

    Honor Flight Star Sales

    2018-10-29 | Credit Union News

    Each November leading into Veterans Day, GSCU sells paper stars to benefit Honor Flight New England. It’s a great non-profit with an inspired mission, but many don’t know much about Honor Flight so we’re sharing their story, and the story of a GSCU employee (me!) who recently had the opportunity to accompany a Korean War Veteran on a flight, acting as his Guardian Angel.

  • Fix your credit

    How to Repair Bad Credit

    2018-10-10 | Credit

    Your credit score rating says a lot about you. It represents the most important impression you’ll make on a potential lender. The better your score, the more creditworthy you appear and the more likely you’ll be approved for a loan or credit card the best terms.

  • October 1, 2018 CreditLine CEO Message

    2018-09-26 | Credit Union News

    It’s been an exciting summer for the credit union, and me personally! As you may have noticed, my name has changed after I got married this summer – same Denise, just a new last name!

  • How to Save Money in College

    2018-08-15 | Saving

    Getting an education is a great way to set your path for achievement through life. It is an investment that will open doors for you to success in the future. To reach this goal, it takes time, money, and careful planning. With these tips, you will be able to invest into your education, with less stress on your wallet.

  • Best Motorcycle Routes Around New Hampshire: Our Top 5 (and a Few Runner-Ups)

    2018-08-01 | Autos

    Looking to hit the road and adventure to new places that you and your bike have never been before? Look no further, we have you covered. Here is a list of our top motorcycle riding routes to experience this summer.

  • Should I Close My Credit Card? How This Decision Could Affect Your Credit

    2018-07-25 | Credit

    Considering closing an existing credit card? Questions about what will hurt your credit? Keep these tips in mind when making decisions involving your credit!

  • Mortgage Terminology 101

    2018-07-18 | Mortgages

    Looking into applying for a home? Trying to understand the path to owning the home or property of your dreams? There are many factors that go into applying for a mortgage. It is important to understand the terms used in mortgage transactions to decide if a certain loan is right for you. Here is a list of the most pertinent mortgage-related terms that will help you in your home-buying process.

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