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Secure Email

  • How do I reset my password?

    After 3 failed logon attempts to Granite State Credit Union’s Secure Message Center, your account for the secure messaging portal will be locked. 

    You will receive an email at the address you registered notifying you that your account is locked. Click on the Granite State Credit Union link to return to the login page.

    At the bottom of the login page click on "Forgot your password?"

    To Reset your password, enter your email address and your new password then click on Reset.

    You will receive an email at the address you registered notifying you to confirm your account change.

  • Can I send an encrypted email back to GSCU?

    Yes. After you view your email, you can select Reply or Reply All to send an encrypted email back to the credit union. You can also use the Compose page to initiate a secure email to the credit union.

  • How long do I have to read the message?

    Messages sent to you by the credit union will expire 14 days from the date sent.

  • What mobile devices can be used?

    Most major mobile devices can be used to access secure messaging, including Apple iPhone® and iPad®, BlackBerry®, devices and Android® devices.

  • What Internet browsers are recommended?

    Most Internet browsers will work with secure messaging, including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, and Apple SafariTM.

  • Why Secure Messaging?

    For many members, email has become the preferred method of communication. However, email is not a private conversation. Unencrypted email can be intercepted and ready by people for whom the email was not intended. Secure Messaging is an email encryption solution that uses the best method of delivery.

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