The ultimate on-demand banking service! Bring your accounts with you – no matter where you go. Download our FREE Mobile Banking App for Apple and Android devices by visiting the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Mobile Banking provides all the security and functionality of OnLine Banking but from the convenience of your mobile device! View balances, transfer funds, create and pay bills, and even deposit checks from your tablet or smartphone.

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On Device Enrollment

1. Download the GSCU Mobile Banking App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

2. Once downloaded, open the Mobile Banking App and select "First Time User? Enroll Now" link. 

3. Enter Member Number, Online Access PIN (last 4 digits of Social Security Number), and full Social Security Number. Click "Enroll". 

4. Set up User ID and Password and click "Enroll". 

5. Login using the User ID and Password you created. Select your Security Questions and click "Save".

6. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Continue". 

Mobile Deposit

We know you’re busy. Skip waiting in line at the branch and deposit your checks on-the-go with our Mobile Banking App.

All you need to do is access Mobile Banking and use your device’s camera to make a FREE, quick and secure deposit to your accounts!

Remember to endorse your check with your signature and note "For Mobile Deposit Only".

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Touch ID

Touch ID, and Face ID, allows Android and Apple iPhone users to sign on with fingerprint authentication. It’s a faster, easier, and more secure way to access our Mobile Banking App.

To set up Touch ID and Face ID:

  1. Log into Mobile Banking, click the "More" tab in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Toggle the Touch ID, Face ID, feature to the "On" position. The fingerprints saved within your device will be enabled for your Mobile Banking login. 

Instant Balance

View your account balances without logging in! By opting-in to this feature you can view up to six balances without being required to login. 

To opt in to Instant Balance follow these steps:

1. Login to Mobile Banking and click the "More" tab in the bottom menu bar. Then click "Instant Balance Settings".

2. Toggle the Instant Balance Feature to the "On" position. Once "On", it will display a list of available accounts that can be viewed with Instant Balance. You must choose the accounts you would like to see with this feature - up to six (6) accounts may be selected.

3. The next time you click on the app, you can tap the Instant Balance button to view account balances. 


Show Fraud Who's Boss with CardControl!

Save time and maintain security safeguards to protect against fraud by controlling the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket.

To start using CardControl, login in to the Mobile Banking app, select “My Card” and it will bring you to the App Store. Download the app and register your debits cards. From now on, whenever you click on the “My Card” link you will be brought right to the CardControl app.

Learn more about CardControl


Your Credit Score. Daily.

NOW AVAILABLE! Stay up-to-date, and secure, with your Free Credit Score!

GSCU is excited to introduce CreditSavvy! Now you can access your credit score, as well as personalized tips on how to improve it. You can even refresh your score daily with no impact to your credit. 

CreditSavvy is conveniently accessed directly within OnLine Banking and our Mobile Banking App - you don't even need a new login!

To register:

  1. Log in to OnLine Banking
  2. Click the "Check My Score" tile
  3. Agree to CreditSavvy's terms and verify your information 
  4. See your score! 

To access through Mobile Banking:

  1. Log in to Mobile Banking
  2. Click "More" at the bottom of your screen
  3. Click "My Credit Score" to be brought to Credit Savvy!

Login to OnLine Banking

CreditSavvy Credit Score Monitoring Example

  • What is CreditSavvy?

    CreditSavvy provides you all the information you would find on your credit file, including a list of open loans, accounts, and credit inquiries. You will also be able to see details on your payment history, credit utilization, and public records that show up on your account. With CreditSavvy, when you check your credit report, there will be no impact to your score. 

  • Is there a fee?

    No. CreditSavvy is entirely free and no credit card information is required to register. 

  • Why do credit scores differ?

    There are three major credit-reporting bureaus—Equifax, Experian and Transunion—and two scoring models—FICO or VantageScore—that determine credit scores. Financial institutions use different bureaus, as well as their own scoring models. Over 200 factors of a credit report may be taken into account when calculating a score and each model may weigh credit factors differently, so no scoring model is completely identical. No matter what credit bureau or credit scoring model is used, consumers do fall into specific credit ranges: Excellent 781–850, Good 661-780, Fair 601-660, Unfavorable 501-600, Bad Below 500.

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Mobile Wallet Solutions

Mobile Wallet solutions allow you to easily and securely make purchases at participating merchants with virtual GSCU Visa® Debit Cards.


  • Enhanced Security
  • Convenient
  • Faster Checkout Experience

Simply look for the Contactless Payment Symbol: 
Contactless Payment

Apple Pay®

Learn how to set up and use Apple Pay on Apple devices. 

  1. Open the Wallet® App, swipe down, and tap the plus sign. 
  2. Use your iSight® camera to enter the card or add it manually. 
  3. To pay in-store, move your device near a contactless reader with your thumb on Touch ID. 
  4. A subtle vibration and tone let you know your payment has been processed. 

View Apple Pay FAQs

Google Pay™

Learn how to set up and use Google Pay on Android devices. 

  1. Download the Google Pay app and open it. 
  2. Take a photo of your card or manually add your card information. 
  3. Unlock you phone and tap to use Google Pay at any location that accepts contactless payments. 

View Google Pay FAQs

Samsung Pay

Learn how to set up and use Samsung Pay on Samsung devices.

  1. Swipe up from the home button to launch the app or select Samsung Pay app icon. 
  2. Secure with your fingerprint. 
  3. Hover the card over the reader to pay.

View Samsung Pay FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking

  • Why does my balance not match my actual balance in my account?

    All account balances within mobile banking reflect available balances, simply to preserve space on the small screens of mobile devices. In order to view your current balance, click on your account and you will be presented with the current balance and available balance. 

  • Do Mobile Banking transactions follow the same limits as OnLine Banking in relation to Regulation D?

    Yes. The credit union’s transaction limitations also apply to mobile banking. There are federally regulated savings withdrawal and transfer limits by all financial institutions. Granite State Credit Union complies with the Federal Reserve Bank's Regulation D. This regulation limits the number of transactions you can make from your share (savings) accounts each month. Share accounts include Regular, Special, Vacation, Christmas, Tax and Advantage Savings, as well as Money Market Accounts. Click here for complete . 

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Mobile Deposit

  • What types of check deposits are NOT accepted through Mobile Deposit?

    1) Any item that is stamped with a "non-negotiable" watermark.
    2) Any item that contains evidence of alteration to the information on the check.
    3) Any item issued by a financial institution in a foreign country.
    4) Any item that is incomplete.
    5) Any item that is "stale dated"* or "post dated"**.
    6) Savings Bonds.
    7) Third party checks***.

    *Stale dated checks are defined as any check that is being negotiated more than six months after the date on the check.
    **Post dated checks are defined as any check that is deposited before the date on the check.
    ***Third party checks are defined as checks that have been transferred by the original payee to a third party by means of an endorsement. 

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