Debit & ATM Cards

Use your ATM/Visa® Debit Card to access your Checking Account anywhere Visa is accepted!

Granite State Credit Union offers Enhanced Security Chip Cards, also known as EMV cards. If you do not have an EMV chip card you'll receive it when your current card expires. To get an EMV card earlier, you can visit any of our branch locations to receive an Instant-Issued card, or request to receive one via mail. If received by mail, activate it by completing a PIN-based transaction. 

Traveling abroad?

You'll still be able to access ATMs supporting Visa or Plus networks with your card! Due to everchanging international fraud, GSCU routinely blocks countries with excessive fraud from performing ATM/Visa Check Card transactions. Contact us at 1-800-645-4728 if you plan to travel abroad so that we may alert our fraud monitoring service. 

Learn more about our Fraud Protection. 

LIMITED TIME OFFER- 3,000 Bonus Points for New Registrations!*

Let your holiday shopping earn you rewards this holiday season!

Follow these easy steps to make your holiday shopping work for you! It’s easy:

● Register your card and receive 3,000 Bonus Holiday Points*
● Shop using your card as credit
● Earn Points
● Redeem for great Merchandise, Gift Cards & more

What are points worth?
● 1,800 = Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
● 3,000 = $25 Target Gift Card
● 17,900 = 4 Night Caribbean Cruise

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*Promotion period runs from November 6, 2018 through December 31, 2018. Participants must be new registered users of UChoose to qualify for the 3000 Bonus Holiday Points. Participation is limited to U.S. residents. Void where prohibited by law. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

CardValet Card Control Solution

Lock, Unlock, Repeat.

With the CardValet app, you can save time and maintain security safeguards to protect against fraud by controlling the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket.

Benefits of CardValet

  • Instantly lock (or unlock) your cards
  • Set and remove spending limits
  • Get purchase alerts
  • Limit transactions to a certain area using your phone's GPS
  • Now offering Touch ID! 

Download the Quick Reference Guide for more information!

  • What are the CardValet password requirements?

    CardValet passwords must be at least eight (8) characters in length and must contain at least: one (1) upper case character, one (1) lower case character, one (1) number and one (1) special character.

  • What types of transactions display in CardValet?

    CardValet only shows the transactions that are performed with your GSCU Visa Debit Card. It does not show non-debit card transactions, such as in person teller transactions, electronic withdrawals or check withdrawals on an account.

See all CardValet FAQs

CardValet video.

Mobile Wallet Solutions

Mobile Wallet solutions allow you to easily and securely make purchases at participating merchants with virtual GSCU Visa® Debit Cards.

Apple Pay®

Learn how to set up and use Apple Pay on Apple devices. 

  1. Open the Wallet® App, swipe down, and tap the plus sign. 
  2. Use your iSight® camera to enter the card or add it manually. 
  3. To pay in-store, move your device near a contactless reader with your thumb on Touch ID. 
  4. A subtle vibration and tone let you know your payment has been processed. 

View Apple Pay FAQs

Google Pay™

Learn how to set up and use Google Pay on Android devices. 

  1. Download the Google Pay app and open it. 
  2. Take a photo of your card or manually add your card information. 
  3. Unlock you phone and tap to use Google Pay at any location that accepts contactless payments. 

View Google Pay FAQs

Samsung Pay

Learn how to set up and use Samsung Pay on Samsung devices.

  1. Swipe up from the home button to launch the app or select Samsung Pay app icon. 
  2. Secure with your fingerprint. 
  3. Hover the card over the reader to pay.

View Samsung Pay FAQs

Mobile Wallet. Easy and secure.

Instant Issue Gallery Cards

Members can select an image to print on their Visa® Debit Cards. These cards are available instantly at any of our branch locations

UChoose Rewards®

Log in or Register today!

You shop. You earn. You choose. You'll earn one (1) point for every $2.00 when you use your card as a credit transaction** — points you can later redeem for merchandise, travel, gift cards, activities, event tickets, and more. Learn more about registering your Visa® Check Card online in order to start accumulating points. 

If you have more than one Visa® Check Card, you can link both to your UChoose Rewards under "Preferences" to accrue points on all of your purchases!

**A credit transaction using your Visa® Check Card is one in which you select "credit" rather than debit upon purchase.

Custom Debit/ATM Cards

Your card. Your style. Design and create your own, unique custom card in minutes!*

Design your own custom card today:

1. Upload the image from your computer
2. Review your card's new design
3. Submit your custom design

Please note if you are replacing an existing GSCU Debit or ATM card with a custom card you will receive a new card number. If you have reoccurring bills set up, upon receipt and activation of your new card, you will need to contact the vendor initiating the bill payment and switch the transaction to your new custom card information. 

*There is a fee of $9.95 per card design you submit. You may update your picture as frequently as you like.

Start designing your custom Debit Card now

Start designing your custom ATM Card now

Image Guidelines

Granite State Credit Union reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a submitted image will be accepted. All images submitted must have the consent of the owner, including those images downloaded from the internet. We will not accept images that may contain any of the following:

  • Competitive marks or names
  • Political or religious imagery and statements
  • Illegal or socially unacceptable groups
  • Provocative or sexual content, including nudity
  • Profanity or obscenities
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Violence, firearms, weapons or ammunition
  • Branded names or products
  • Advertising, promotional text, slogans, copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Celebrities, athletes, musicians, public figures, etc.
  • Phone numbers or URLs
  • Any reference to Visa® sponsorship property, such as Olympics® or NASCAR®
  • Any content that might result in problems at point of sale or interfere with security features of the card
  • Any content that might infringe, denigrate, or dilute the Visa® brand or its member financial institutions

Note: This list is not exclusive and Granite State Credit Union retains the right to decide that any submitted image is not to be used. 

Images that do NOT meet the above guidelines will be rejected and you will be notified. You may then submit another image. For more information, contact us anytime at 1-800-645-4728.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Custom ATM/Visa® Debit Card?

    A custom GSCU ATM/Visa® Debit Card lets you customize how your GSCU ATM/Visa® Debit Card looks by using almost any digital picture to create a one-of-a-kind card. Show off your family, pets or your favorite vacation. Your custom card works the same as a regular GSCU ATM/Visa® Debit Card card and showcases your style. 

  • What file format do I use for my digital image?

    Please use a high quality image - the better your image, the better your card will reproduce. Picture files can be in JPEG (.jpg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (bmp) or TIFF formats. Please note, the larger the file size, the longer it will take to upload. 

  • How do I create a custom card?

    Just visit, choose whether you want to create your custom GSCU ATM/Visa® Debit Card or a custom ATM card, upload your favorite digital picture and customize the image on your card by moving, rotating and resizing it. You can then preview the card and submit it. Your image will be reviewed for compliance in accordance with the Image Guidelines and once it's approved, you will receive your card in the mail within 7-10 business days. If for some reason your card image is denied after being reviewed, we will contact you. 

  • What should I do with my existing GSCU ATM/Visa® Debit Card card and any bill payments it is linked to once I receive my custom card?

    For security reasons, your new custom card will have a different card number, expiration date, and CVV security code than your existing card. If you have items automatically billed directly to your GSCU ATM/Visa® Debit Card, you will need to update this information with the biller by contacting the biller and switching the transaction to your new custom card information. Upon activation of your custom card, you should destroy your old card immediately. Your GSCU Debit card will be deactivated approximately 30 days from the date you order your custom card.

View all Custom Card FAQs

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