The warmer weather is on the way and it’s to start making plans back outside after a long winter. The NH Camping & RV Show will be in Bedford at the NH Sportsplex this weekend so it’s the perfect time to get started on RV shopping and camping plans!

When you attend the show, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with representatives of more than 50 campgrounds to see where you’d like to visit and even book your campsite for your upcoming vacation! You can also check out the newest models of  RV’s, trailers, pop-ups and more.  

What to do before the Show:

  • Research pricing on RV you’re interested in so you have a realistic budget in mind. It’s also a good idea to visit the shows website and review the list of exhibitors who will be at the show. Most offer good show-specials worth taking advantage of .
  • Think about where you’ll be camping or traveling to, and what sites are available for the RV. You’ll also need to consider where you plan to store it in the winter and what costs are associated with that.,
  • Prep questions about rebates, warranties, service, etc.
  • Know the cost of not only the RV itself but upkeep, insurance, and more.
  • Get pre-approved for a loan before you go so you know how much you can afford and you’ll have negotiating power to get a great deal.

At the show:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – there is a lot of walking on concrete floors at the shows!
  • Check out as many RVs as you can – ask questions, sit on the furniture, consider the storage options as well as ensuring there is space for the number of travel companions who will be enjoying it with you.
  • Interview dealers to find the right one for you
  • Document everything! The campers you like, dealers you’d consider working with, ask for brochures that include photos of the RV or camper you’re interested in that includes different options and pricing.

RV Shopping:

  • Consider the exterior you like as well as the floor plan
  • Be aware Rubber and EPDM roofs require more maintenance than fiberglass and aluminum
  • Consider storage and easy access to storage


Make the most of the summer and all that New Hampshire has to offer! Check out some camping gear and equipment and don’t forget to book your summer vacation!