Here at Granite State Credit Union we strive to support and empower our employees.  We know that in order to serve our member’s the best we can, we must first serve and support our GSCU family. By focusing on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we consistently reevaluate and improve our policies to ensure that our practices are the best they can be. We understand that life exists beyond your career which is why here at Granite State Credit Union we are not simply a job, but a lifestyle. As a company that emphasizes work-life and generational balance, stress management, growth encouragement, and adaptability we know that our employees can thrive.

Charlene  – Loan Servicing Manager

Work-Life Balance: How do we define it? How do we do it? How do we continue to manage it?

Personally, I find that work-life balance is all about flexibility. Here I am easily able to work with my peers to adjust my schedule for that balance. As a mother of two it means so much to know that I am able to take time to help my oldest set up her new classroom for the first day of school and to also move my youngest into her first year college dorm or to watch her compete in different sporting events.

Generational Balance:

What do you look for from a company? How do we serve your current life needs?

When I think about what I want from a career my overall goals are a sense of accomplishment, flexibility, and knowing that I make a difference. Being surrounded by a group of driven individuals not only supports, but motivates me to continue to grow. All of the employee appreciation programs that take place here encourages me too. I know that my hard work does not go unnoticed and thus continue working even harder. In addition, GSCU is all about member service and ensuring that we are doing all we can to put our members into successful financial situations. As Loan Servicing Manager I see all the great work that our employees do to help our members and know that we are helping them reach goals such as a first home or new car without being taken advantage of financially.

Stress Management:

How do you manage your personal stress? In what ways does GSCU support you to do so?

I find the best way for me to manage stress is to take a walk and clear my mind for a minute. One of my favorite places to go to is our roof top deck – it’s a great space to get some fresh air and to take time to relax and regroup. Not only do these spaces really help, all of the employee appreciation that takes place really helps motivate me to know that my work is making a difference. Whether it be peer-to-peer recognition through our “Cheers for Peers” program, or ice cream or food truck catered lunch provided by the credit union I know that this is a company that truly values me.

Growth Encouragement:

What does it mean to you? How have you grown with GSCU?

To me encouragement to grow is knowing that my hard work pays off. There is always room for improvement and to do better, and I actually want to improve when I know that my efforts are having serious impact. At GSCU growth isn’t strictly moving up through the ranks as it is typically thought to be elsewhere. Here we also encourage lateral growth which allows for us to gain a well-rounded knowledge, and ultimately be more effective in a position. I have held positions of Computer Operator, Member Service Representative, Lending Specialist, Lending Manager, Indirect Lending Representative, Member Analytics, Human Resources Manager, and Training Manager so I have hands-on knowledge of many departments, which has really allowed for me to become a better employee and coworker. I started with GSCU in 1992 and worked up until 2000, when I decided to focus on family. In 2011 I was drawn back in by the GSCU family and the supportive environment that I hadn’t experienced with other jobs in the past.


Life changes – how has GSCU supported you during those changes?

In my experience at GSCU I have gone through a lot of changes. I had two kids, suffered from a serious car crash, as well as lost family members. Whether it was in 1996 or in 2019, GSCU supported me without fail time and time again. Not only were they there to support me by allowing me time to truly focus on myself and my family, but they made sure that I was focused on healing whether it be physically or emotionally rather than worrying about my job. Even when I returned they continued to provide emotional support and made me aware of just how much they not only supported, but truly cared about me and my health.