Now Hiring

There are many benefits that come with being a member of Granite State Credit Union. We offer great interest rates on loans, free checking and savings accounts, 24-hour customer service and so much more. But did you know that GSCU is also a great place to work?

At Granite State Credit Union, we proudly employ about 150 people throughout New Hampshire. We are a credit union that loves to promote within and many of our employees can attest to that. In fact, our CEO Denise Caristi, started as a teller herself! We are committed to our organizational values of: integrity, commitment, accountability, respect, innovation, and passion. It is our mission to provide a working environment where staff can flourish and excel.

The best way to determine if a company is a good place to work is by asking their current employees, so that’s what we did. Here are some of their responses:

“I love my job at GSCU for a variety of reasons. Other than the great benefits and hours, I really feel like I’m working for a company that cares. I love working for a company that goes out of its way to get involved in the community and help the lives of those living in it. I also feel like I am cared about; I love having managers that listen to my ideas and concerns, who respect me, and my time. My questions are always answered in a timely manner and if there is something I need (like time off for a dentist appointment), my managers do their best to make it happen for me. I also really love that they promote from within and that I often have opportunities to learn new skills. I have a job that feels like a career, a job that I enjoy waking up and going to. Thanks GSCU!”- Sage Ricci, Teller

“I love working at GSCU because it’s one of the only places I’ve worked that looks at you as a whole person. Yes, I am an employee, but my experiences outside of work color that and GSCU supports that as well. I feel truly encouraged to live a life outside of these walls as wel,l and I think it’s pushed from the top down that accepting your life outside of work makes you a better employee!” – Melissa Fortin, Branch Manager

“I came from a large bank and worked there for many years and it was a very impersonal company. I didn’t know my CEO, my VPs or really anyone other than my direct manager. Everybody knows each other here, no matter what department or branch you work in, we all know each other’s name and face. We all get integrated in meetings and trainings so we have a chance to learn all about different areas of the credit union and the people that make up GSCU. I never would have imagined the President of my former bank knowing my name or even knowing that I worked for the company if I saw them out in the real world. Having them come around and say hi and making themselves available is just amazing. The other main reason I love working here is the work-life balance that GSCU offers that is just so important. Having a life outside of work to be with friends and family is something I never had previously, working late nights, weekends and holidays. I know that even if I am working a Saturday shift once or twice a month I will be out in enough time to spend with my husband and daughter.

I see my co-workers way more than I see my family but because they feel like family, this doesn’t feel like work. This is literally the best company I have ever worked for.”- Stephanie McCarthy, Consumer Lending Specialist

As a credit union, GSCU understands the importance of both financial and physical wellness. That’s why we offer our employees a wide range of excellent benefits. In addition to offering benefits like medical, dental, and paid time off here are some unique benefits that we offer:

• Tuition reimbursement
• Paid time off for volunteering
• 2 weeks paid family medical leave
• 401(k) with company match

At our largest location, we even have an onsite gym for all of our employees, a casual dress policy, and each month we offer onsite chair massages too! So what are you waiting for? For more information or to apply to one of our open positions please visit our Careers page.