Losing your debit card can result in stress and anxiety. You retrace your steps trying to remember when exactly the last time you had it was. You filled your gas tank yesterday. Swiped it at your local coffee shop this morning. And then… well, you can’t seem to remember. You have searched high and low, called the coffee shop to confirm you didn’t leave it there, but still no sign. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. 

First off, call 1-800-472-3272 as soon as possible to inform us that you have misplaced your card and we will immediately lock it to ensure no fraudulent charges can be made. If you have our CardControl app, you have the ability to turn your card off with the click of a button.

Once you have informed us that your card is lost, we will send you a replacement card. The best thing to do in this situation, despite whether or not you believe your card has been lost or stolen, is to request a new card with a new number. Although this may seem inconvenient at the time, protecting your accounts from theft will pay off in the long run. If someone gains access to your debit card, they potentially have access to all of the money within your accounts. 

After you have received your new card, you are ready to begin using your card again! Be sure to update any subscriptions or accounts that may be linked to the previous card number to ensure payments are still being made. You will also be able to go on to Online Banking and “add” your new card number to your profile and delete the old card in the “Manage Portfolio” tab.And that is it! You no longer have to worry about your missing card and can proceed with your coffee shop spending! 

For more information about our CardControl app check out our blog post here: https://www.gscu.org/post/stay_secure_with_cardvalet.html
To educate yourself about compromised cards, head to https://www.gscu.org/post/educate_yourself_card_compromises.html