The “tiny home movement” has been taking the Country by storm over the past few years. There are television shows dedicated specifically to this new trend, numerous magazines have featured tiny homes and, according to a survey done by the National Association of Home Builders, more than half of Americans would consider living in tiny homes.  

What is a tiny home, you might ask? Although there are no set guidelines on what is technically considered a tiny home, the general idea is that a tiny home is around 500 square feet or less. That is about one fifth the size of the average, new home built in the United States.

So, why would anyone voluntarily want to live in such a small space? Financial concerns, environmental impact and the desire for freedom are just a few of the reasons why. Tiny homes can be a much more affordable and sustainable living solution, and many people use them to travel in or make travel more accessible. Tiny homes require fewer resources to build and ultimately use less energy and creating less waste once they are built.

Tiny homes can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 to build. The average price for a full-sized house, by contrast, is $272,000. Talk about savings! 

Another recent tiny home trend is mobile tiny homes. Whether it be building a tiny home on a trailer to move around from place to place, converting the interior of a vehicle or van into a livable space or moving into an already built-out camper or RV, mobile tiny-living is becoming more and more popular. 

Downsizing to 500 square feet may not be for everyone, but living a more minimalistic lifestyle can not only allow physical freedom, but financial freedom as well. 

Emily LaPlume is a 24 year old entrepreneur, currently living out of her self-converted Ram Promaster with her rescue pup, Luna. In 2016, Emily founded Saturday Swimwear, a women’s, handmade, sustainable bikini company. She has been traveling and working out of her conversion van since June 2019, stopping at artisan markets across the USA. Follow her on Instagram @elaplume and @saturdayswimwear to stay up-to-date on her travels and to check out her swimsuit company.