Summer has finally arrived! It has been a long winter and you deserve to take some time for yourself. What would be better than finding a way to do so in a cost-efficient way? Maybe you are all about getting your lounge on, but tend to shy away from the excessive costs of traveling and the hassle of finding a good place to stay. That is where the beauty of a staycation comes in. A staycation allows you the time to unwind, like on a regular vacation, but staying in the area or better yet, at home. There is no need to go over your budget, stress out on ticketing, or forget an important item behind. You can relax in luxury in your own home, and take a trip to your own backyard along the way. Here are some fun ways to cut costs and enjoy some time to unwind this summer locally.

  • Be sure to lay down a plan to follow for your staycation. Keeping dates, reservations or rentals far in advance will save you some time stressing out or forgetting things that you may need for your trip. With this, sit down and plan out your budget. A staycation typically means spending less money, not necessarily none. With the costs of traveling eliminated, you can allow yourself some more wiggle room with your funds.
  • When was the last time you explored your local sights? Maybe there is a new exhibit at the museum in town, or a movie you have been wanting to see in theaters. Take time in your staycation to focus on things that spark your interest. Trying out new entertainment venues is an inexpensive and stimulating way to enjoy your deserved time off.
  • The great outdoors is another way to vacation at home. Take the scenic trail nearby with some family and friends and bring your dog along too. Everyone needs some time to step away from a hectic schedule to appreciate the beauty that New Hampshire provides.
  • Speaking of friends and family, why not invite them to a laid-back barbeque? Serving up some tasty entrées keeps the family together. Maybe there is a new recipe you saw online that you have been meaning to recreate. The summer is for grilling, and a cookout is the perfect occasion.
  • Have some kids with too much energy? Plan some time to spend in the sun. Set up a water slide or a backyard camping trip. Fill your time with games, music, and togetherness. The kids will be comfortable in or around their own home you can relax and have fun with the family.
  • Venture to somewhere nearby that you have never been. Experiencing new places is a great way to spend time on your staycation. Try out a new place to eat dinner, maybe even a cuisine that is new to you.
  • A great tip that is often overlooked is to disconnect. Emails, alerts, and texts keeping you on your toes each day? Set down your phone, log off of Facebook for the night and enjoy yourself. Allow your brain to be on vacation, too. After all, a staycation is a vacation, and you deserve a break from the daily routine. Wake up a little later than normal, make a big breakfast, and keep your phone out of reach for a while.

There are many benefits to a staycation. One is the extra days to spend on relaxing. Let’s face it, if you plan a trip far away, a large majority of the first and last day of vacation is spent traveling. If you plan your vacation to stay at home or in the local area, you are saving not only money, but time. Traveling is an exhausting tradeoff for venturing far from home. In addition, there are no cancellations that could possibly arise from your staycation because there are no trips to the airport.

Consider spending your earned time off this summer in a way that will keep you financially stable and confident in your creativity skills.