If you are searching for a way to monitor your cards securely, look no further! With CardControl, protecting your accounts is made simple with a touch of a button. Easily access specific account information, detect fraud, and even turn your cards on or off from your mobile device with CardControl. You are also able to access detailed push notifications to keep you aware of the usage of your cards.

Here is a story from a GSCU employee where CardControl was able to help fight fraud: “When I got home last night, I went out and played catch with our dog…  in the 30 minutes we were outside playing, I had 15 CardControl alerts on my phone of suspicious/denied transactions on my debit card and a missed call/voice mail from eNFACT.” EnFACT is a leading fraud prevention service used by GSCU to protect members from fraudulent transactions on their debit card. “The card transactions were from PayPal (3 different ones), a Walmart in Illinois, a store in Australia, another in Germany and many more.  I was thankful to be able to immediately freeze my card with a 5 minute call to eNFACT confirming these charges were fraudulent and not having to worry about any transactions posting to my account.  These services are invaluable!”

Another amazing success story comes from another GSCU employee: “I was getting home from work when I got an alert on my phone. Low and behold, it was Card Valet. What an AMAZING feeling to know that the INSTANT some fraudulent transactions attempted to post to my account, I was notified! Thanks to my CardControl settings, all these transactions were denied. Enfact  called me a few hours later to confirm that these transactions were indeed not mine and closed my card. I had such peace-of-mind feeling that I was in control of my card and was able to prevent these transactions from posting on my own watch. This could have resulted in a collective $1,500 charged to my account. I am SO grateful that we offer this service and would recommend it to EVERY SINGLE ONE of our members.”

Last but certainly not least, our CEO shares her experience with CardControl! “I use CardConrol and like the alerts so I always know what charges are going through or are denied. In fact, in recent months CardControl let me know of an old vendor who attempted to put through a charge on an expired card. GSCU’s fraud services declined the charge which was good but I also was made aware of it through my CardControl alerts. With many transactions and automatic charges flowing in and out of my account, the alert system is very helpful in streamlining the management of my checking account.”

It is important to remember that you can be in full control with your cards, accounts, and money. Take the stress out of monitoring all three with CardControl today!