Did you know that it’s easier than ever before to apply for a loan at GSCU? Not only do we offer an online loan application, but now it’s also mobile-friendly! You can apply for a vehicle, personal, or even real estate loan right from your phone, anywhere you are!

Here is one story of how easy it was for a member to apply for, and get their new vehicle in just one day with GSCU.

“I got pre-approved before I started looking simply because it was good to know that I already had financing ready-to-go when I found the right car. It’s nice to walk into the dealership without that added pressure, knowing I’m approved and I don’t have to worry about being pushed into a loan somewhere I’m not familiar with. It took less than 15 minutes to complete the application and I knew instantly that I was pre-approved!

I used Granite State Credit Union’s AutoSMART tool to search for cars around me and see if they were listed at a good price already so I knew what to look for when it came time to negotiate.

When I found the car I wanted to get, the dealer sent the Purchase & Sales Agreement to the credit union. They updated my application with the correct information, and sent it back to me to close on the loan right from my home! I had found my new car, signed the loan documents, and was on my way to pick up the vehicle in under an hour. I just stopped by my local Granite State Credit Union branch to pick up the check on my way to the dealership.

Overall, my loan at GSCU was the easiest part of getting my new car. Granite State Credit Union made it easy to apply, find the right vehicle near me, and close on the loan all without having to visit the branch. Getting the check on the way was easy too! I just went to the teller line where it was waiting, picked it up, and was on my way!”

Granite State Credit Union wants to help you get the funds you’re looking for, without adding another errand to your To-Do list. That’s why we’ve made applying, and closing on your loan, so easy! Next time you’re in the market for a new loan, don’t forget that GSCU can help you too!

Guest Blogger: Sydney Story is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Pharmacy with minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies. She has been a seasonal intern at GSCU since June of 2016