Technology and the way we deliver service to our members is always changing and evolving. We strive to improve efficiency here at GSCU and the convenience to our members is always in the forefront of our efforts.

We are currently rolling out Hand-Scan Sign In technology at all of our branch locations! Hand-Scan Sign-In makes your branch visits FASTER, EASIER and more SECURE! An infrared sensing device scans your palm, detecting your unique palm vein pattern - and matches it to an encrypted signature. This means: faster transactions with no need for ID or signature, and enhanced security making forgery and fraudulent in-branch access nearly impossible!

We are also rolling out Online Account Opening so that members can open additional accounts online and apply for consumer loans on their mobile device! It makes joining GSCU and becoming a member, easier than ever before!

Lastly, I’d like to remind you of just how secure OnLine and Mobile Banking is for our members!

  • At login or post login, users are challenged to validate their identification through a one-time unique passcode sent via an automated voice call or a SMS text message.
  • Security Benefit – If members receive a text/phone call with a one-time passcode and they did not request it, they can set restrictions to avoid anyone else gaining access to their account.

o Challenge Questions

  •  At login or post login, users are challenged to validate their identity through a series of 5 challenge questions and answers that are set up during the enrollment process.
  • Security Benefit – Only members know the answers to the questions that were set up.

o Login Defense

  • At login, a real-time cyber security assessment of IP addresses, devices, Geolocations and login behavior determine whether or not the “decision to challenge”, is needed.
  • Security Benefit –Behind the scenes monitoring helps to mitigate possible account take overs in the event your username/password has been compromised.

o Behavioral Analytics

  • Post login, the user is profiled based on their digital banking behaviors. This prevents account take over attacks.
  • Security Benefit – Behind the scenes monitoring that creates alerts of abnormal account behavior. For example; out of the norm large balance transfers between accounts, or new Bill Pay/Popmoney payee set up with a high payment request. There are also times that GSCU is notified to review the requests, and may reach out to the member for confirmation prior to allowing the transfer to be made.

OnLine and Mobile Banking also offer Bill Pay, eStatements, and Mobile Deposit, and more! We want your banking experience to be easy, fast, and secure, both in our branches, and on-the-go!

Guest Blogger: Karen LaPlue, SVP Member Experience
Her experience has included oversight of the credit union’s Consumer Lending, Contact Center and Human Resources areas. Karen now oversees the expansive Branch Network, Marketing and Sales areas.