Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mom’s out there!

You only have one Mom. Here are some unique ways to celebrate her!

For the mom that loves to cook: All In One Meal Kit: Pack an entire meal, with ingredients and recipe card inside a beautiful tote bag. Add some hand-painted bowls or plates, a matching kitchen towel and potholder – and a bottle of her favorite wine!

Girls’ Night Out: Gather her friends, daughters, or sisters for a fun night out. Plan a dinner, drinks, shopping, movies, or a DIY workshop! She’s sure to enjoy the chance to have a few hours of fun with the people she loves.

Take Care of Her To-do List: Moms are superheroes, but they can’t always do everything. Reward her by completing a few tasks on her to-do list. This thoughtful gesture will allow her to have some unexpected time to herself.

Surprise Her with Nostalgia: Play her favorite song, gather the family together and toast her with her own wedding crystal. Create an animated slideshow of pictures of the family. Do a pop up surprise voice over during some of the slides, sharing a funny inside joke or just details of the picture.

Finally Just Tell Her “I love you”: A gift that enriches her everyday life and says “thank you” for the many ways she has enriched yours.