5 Reasons why eStatements Beat Paper Statements

Are you still getting paper statements delivered monthly? Have you been thinking about making the switch to electronic statements?

Here are five reasons to consider signing up for eStatements:

  1. Quicker Availability.

At the end of each statement period, you’ll get an email from GSCU, letting you know that your eStatement is ready to view through the online portal. This electronic statement, or “eStatement,” will be identical to a mailed statement.

  1. More Secure.
    An eStatement is secured by your OnLine Banking login credentials, unlike paper statements, making sure only you can access the information. With paper statements, there is the chance your statement could be accidentally delivered to the wrong address, or that fraudsters could try and steal your personal information from your mailbox.
  2. Less Clutter.
    eStatements make it easier than ever to keep your finances more organized. Spare the file cabinet from filling up with paper statements and access your finances at the push of a button. Now you can access statements from wherever you have an internet connection, and you can easily download copies to save to your hard drive or print. Our eStatements archive goes back 3 years so that you can access the ones you need long-term.
  3. Eco-Friendly.
    By replacing the multiple pages that make up paper statements with eStatements, you save trees, reduce chemical pollution, and lower the carbon emissions that the pulp and paper industry generate. In 2020 alone, over 35,000,000 metric tons of CO2 were emitted by the pulp and paper industry (https://www.epa.gov/ghgreporting/ghgrp-pulp-and-paper).
  4. Saves Money.
    First, eStatements are free for you. But just as importantly, because a credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution, the money saved by the credit union not having to pay for printing and mailing those paper statements every month is passed right back to you. We turn those savings into fewer fees, lower loan rates, and higher deposit rates. eStatements are a BOLD Win-Win for Granite State Credit Union members.


Learn the steps to get signed up for eStatements today at https://www.gscu.org/access/estatements.html

By Erik Howden. 

Erik is a Marketing Specialist for Granite State Credit Union. Erik joined the credit union in 2016 and has worked in the branches, Consumer Lending, and Mortgages prior to joining the Marketing department. Erik is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University and holds Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Brandeis University. Erik’s passion for the credit union industry lies in educating and helping members with all of the products and services available to them.