Everyone gets tight on cash once in awhile and with back-to-back bills budgets can get overlooked. With the support of Granite State Credit Union, forget payday loans and focus on helping yourself with some extra funds with these 3 features:

Overdraft Line-of-Credit: Cover those gaps between paychecks with Granite State Credit Union’s Overdraft Line-of-Credit. Protect your account from overdrafts with a simple line-of-credit added to your GSCU Checking Account and stress less about making it to the next payday. When you need to use funds that aren’t in your checking, or savings, you can draw from this line-of-credit and pay it back monthly.

Skip-A-Pay: Need some extra cash? Have unexpected bills? With GSCU's Skip-A-Pay, you may be eligible to skip three consumer loan payments during a calendar year! Not only does Skip-A-Pay provide you with support on unexpected bills, but it is the perfect way to add some spending money to your budget for things such as holiday gifts or paying down other bills.

Debt Consolidation Loan: Make meeting those monthly money obligations a bit easier with a debt consolidation loan from GSCU. With a debt consolidation loan you can reduce your monthly payment, making it not only easier to manage, but also providing you with a little more money to spend at your leisure rather than just on payments.

Regardless of how you choose to do so, Granite State Credit Union is committed to supporting you and your financial needs. That is why we offer features such as these to make meeting your monthly financial obligations a bit more manageable and adding a little extra cash into your budget.

To learn more about these features visit https://www.gscu.org/ and see how we can help you!