Americans are feeling more productive working from home.

According to a recent study from USA Today, American workers are feeling more productive after being told to work from home due to the coronavirus. The uptick in productivity — coupled with the money-saving aspects of having workers stay home — could mean tele-working is here to stay.

The report, which was conducted with YouGov and Linked In, found that 54 percent of workers felt like they were getting more work done at home versus at the office. The number one reason workers felt this way was due to a lack of a commute. About 70 percent of workers said they were more productive because they saved time not having to travel to and from work. The other reasons workers felt more productive at home included fewer distractions from co-workers (61 percent) and fewer meetings (39 percent). Of course it’s not a total picnic. About 51 percent of all workers said they felt lonely having to work from home instead of the office. Another 30 percent felt their workload had increased since working from home because there is no separation between the home and workplace.

If you’re struggling with working from home, try to make it as much like an office as possible. Set regular work hours and stick to them. Make sure you incorporate small breaks throughout the day. Create a specific work space and only do your work in that space, nowhere else in the house.You should also be transparent with your boss about how you’re feeling. Everyone is getting through this together. Your employer will likely be more than willing to listen and help.

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