The pandemic has changed many things this year, none more so than in-person shopping. The holidays are here and this may not be the year to leave everything till last minute.

Start early! Supplies may be limited and could sell out quickly as not all manufacturers have their stock to the pre-pandemic levels.

Take advantage of curbside pick-up. Many stores offer this service where you place your order online, and you can pick-up either in or outside the store. Most have contactless pick-up where they will put your items in the trunk of your car.

If you have to do some in-store shopping, try to do it as early as possible. With stores limiting the amount of people allowed inside due to social distancing guidelines, there could be long waiting lines. Shopping during non-peak hours and on weekdays, right as the store opens are both great times to avoid the crowds and the lines.

This holiday season there is extra reason to be charitable. Giving back and paying it forward will warm the hearts of many and it feels good.