One of the best things about the Holidays is time spent together. Not so easy to do during a pandemic.

So how do you stay safe, but still stay engaged?

Let’s take it virtual!

Here are some fun ideas:

Virtual Wine/Beer Tasting Night: Why not add in some competition and see who comes up with the best charcuterie board?

White Elephant Gift Exchange: Each person 'brings' the most hilarious, outrageous gift that they can come up with. It’s sure to generate loads of laughs. After everyone 'exchanges' their gifts - keep it safe with a porch drop-off for the friends/family that are local or pop their gift in the mail for the ones that are a bit farther away. 

Let’s cook together: Some of the best times happen in the kitchen. Send your guests a goodie box with all the fixings for a meal along with the recipe. Have some fun while cooking together even though you are not able to be with each other in person.

Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts are some great options available to take your party virtual and keep everyone safe and healthy this holiday season.