This summer, consider creating a picture perfect backyard that is zoned for your pets. Here are some tips and tricks to create a backyard palace for your furry friend.

The number one concern of pet owners is safety.
1. Take note of the landscape of your backyard and be aware of the naturally growing plants. Certain types of plants that may sprout up could be potentially harmful for your pet. Some examples to look out for are azaleas, lilies, begonias and tomato plants. Further research of particular plants in your yard could help your pets avoid running into a toxic situation. Be sure to check your fertilizer, if used. Noting any label that claims warnings on the product and application instructions can help you decide whether or not your land is zoned for animal use. Grass should always be kept short.
2. Be sure to evaluate your fencing system. As a dog owner, you are aware that pups like to adventure, dig, and explore new areas. Keep your fences secure to avoid an animal escape route.
3. Keep anything that your pet is not supposed to get into protected. Trash receptacles should be monitored and locked away from your zoned pet area to prevent a break in.
4. The summer sun has finally come through, but constant exposure could send your pup into a state of overheating. Find a fun and resourceful way to provide shade for your pet. This could be a hand-made fixture or a dog house.

Now, on to the fun stuff!
1. Nothing is better for your furry friend than the accompaniment of their favorite toys. Anything from squeakers, tug ropes, and balls are perfect for the backyard.
2. Keep man’s best friend cool this summer by adding a water station! Whether it be a kiddie pool in the shade, or a watering dish, be sure to keep your dog hydrated throughout the summer days.
3. Add a designated potty area. This eliminates the hassle of searching for where your pet marked his territory.
4. Dogs are adventurers. Adding paths, different levels, and tunnels could be an option to keep him on his paws.
5. With that, add a sandbox to allow your pet to dig. Dogs also tend to dig into cooler levels of sand. This makes a perfect resting point to keep your dog cool and relaxed.
6. Implementing a series of paths through bushes or other natural elements will allow your pet to explore the terrain.

Our pets do so much for us, whether it be the companionship or the unconditional love. Give back to your animal this summer by providing them a place to play and explore in the comfort of your own backyard today!