Not everyone is a natural negotiator as it’s not something that we typically do on a daily basis. Just because you didn't barter the price of your last hair cut or insist that you got 2 for 1 apples on your last grocery trip doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a deal purchasing your next vehicle.

Many dealerships price their cars at higher costs with the expectation that buyers will negotiate down. Ensure that you are getting the best deal for your new ride with these steps before you even arrive at the dealership!

1. Know what you have: If you are planning on trading in a vehicle, keep that to yourself until you get the deal you really want. You may receive a lowball on your new purchase with the salesperson knowing that they will make up the difference by giving less on your trade-in than what it is actually worth. Know what your current vehicle is worth and don’t settle for less than true trade-in value.

2. Know what you want: Have a number in your head of how much you want to pay before you arrive. If you are going to take a loan out for the purchase, base this number on what you can afford monthly. Don’t disclose this number until after an offer has been made. It is important to look at both total vehicle cost and the monthly payment as salespeople may actually increase your overall cost by concealing them within the monthly payments.

3. Know what is reasonable: Use resources such as the Kelley Blue Book to assess the value cars that you are interested in buying or trading in to know what others are charging for similar vehicles. There is a good chance that there are other vehicles just like the one you are looking at and by knowing the market value you can better negotiate, especially on vehicles that may have been marked up to turn profit.

4. Know when to say enough: As mentioned before, there is a likely chance that there are other vehicles just like the one you are looking at on the market. Avoid getting too attached and have alternative vehicles in mind in case the lot won’t negotiate. In that case you can truly walk away which can be the key to winning any negotiation. Too much attachment can lead to you paying a lot more than you would normally be willing to.

Car buying can be an exciting process! Prepare yourself prior to visiting the dealership to ensure that the entire process works in your favor and you drive off the lot with a lot more than just a new vehicle – SAVINGS! Another key thing to note is that by financing directly through a financial institution you can get better rates than those from the dealership.

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Guest Blogger: Sydney Story is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island and is pursuing a Doctorate in Pharmacy with minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies. Sydney has been a seasonal intern at GSCU since June of 2016.