College isn’t cheap. Beyond tuition there are a lot of little charges that sneak up on you and your beloved student. Take it from a current college student, sometimes your professor changes their mind about the textbook, clubs ask for dues, and you really just need some take-out to get you through a hard night of studying. From someone who has been through it, here are the best ways to send your college student money.

Transfer money between linked accounts: If you and your child have accounts at the same institution, link them and transfer the funds directly between the accounts free of charge and within minutes. In addition to free transfers, GSCU also makes this especially easy with online and mobile banking. Whether on a laptop or next in line to get coffee, transfers are fast, easy, and efficient.

Transfer funds via a P2P service: If you and your child have accounts at different institutions, a P2P service offers easy money transferring and is often free. P2P services not only allow for you to transfer funds directly with your child, but allow for you to send and receive money from any one with that same service which means you can also support them by sending payments directly to things such as clubs for dues or for any other reason and to any other group or individual with that same service.

Odds are at some point or another your student is going to ask you to send a little money their way, or even if they don’t ask they would really appreciate a few extra bucks. Make those transfers fast and easy for both you and your student and don’t forget to remind them how much you miss them!

Guest Blogger: Emily LaPlume is a 24 year old entrepreneur, currently living out of her self-converted Ram Promaster with her rescue pup, Luna. In 2016, Emily founded Saturday Swimwear, a women’s, handmade, sustainable bikini company. She has been traveling and working out of her conversion van since June 2019, stopping at artisan markets across the USA. Follow her on Instagram @elaplume and @saturdayswimwear to stay up-to-date on her travels and to check out her swimsuit company.