It’s officially 2018 and I’m excited for the New Year. 2017 brought GSCU some great successes thanks to our members and we’re looking forward to providing even more convenient services to you this year.

First, we want 2018 to be the year you finally own a home, refinance and save yourself money, or get the home of your dreams! Whether that means purchasing a new house or making renovations to your current home we’ve got the mortgage products to make it happen. And thanks to our mobile application, applying for your mortgage or equity is easier than ever. Through February 28th, every mobile mortgage or equity application we receive will be entered to win $100! If you’re currently renting, we have a First Time Homebuyers Program for you; if you owe more than your home’s value, you can refinance up to 110% of the value at GSCU. And if you have a plan for your renovations or just have some ideas in mind we have equity loans and lines-of-credit to suit every situation!

We know everyone’s situation is different. We know each member is unique. And that’s why at the end of 2017 we started catering our loans to you – the individual – with our Lifestyle Loans!  These personal loans provide the flexibility you need to deal with any circumstance – consolidating debt, paying off holiday bills, planning a wedding, enjoying a winter getaway, covering vet bills, paying for your child’s braces, elective medical procedures, and more. Whether an emergency, or an opportunity, comes your way, our Lifestyle Loans can help you afford it!

2017 was a year of focusing on security and fraud prevention at GSCU.  We educated members about Mobile Wallet Solutions and the importance of keeping your information up-to-date in our system, as well as continuing to protect members against card compromises and merchant data breaches. In 2018, we’d like to remind members to be aware of fraud, check their accounts regularly, and ask our Branch Specialists about all of the fraud prevention tools and services we offer. Don’t forget that you can sit with one of our Branch Specialists to go over your credit report as well for a better understanding of how scores are generated and how to improve them.

As always, it’s an honor to be your financial institution and we love to hear from you. Contact me directly via the “Talk to the CEO” button on our website! Have a wonderful New Year!