It’s been a busy year in an economy that has presented challenges for the credit union and its members alike. From gas prices rising, housing inventory hitting new lows, and rates increasing dramatically, it’s been a whirlwind of economic ups and downs and we anticipate more to come as we approach 2023. 

We’re excited that our new Rochester branch, located at 7 Two Rod Road, is coming very soon! This branch is our first location to feature an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) Teller Line, versus a traditional teller line, as well as a three lane ITM drive-up. The decision to implement the ITM technology within this branch was made for a few reasons – the first being that it provides our members the option of self-service for routine transactions, or to speak with a Branch Specialist on-site for more complex transactions. Our Branch Specialists are excited to welcome members, introduce the ITM technology, and focus on providing one-on-one assistance for other banking needs such as loans or new account openings. We now have 17 ITM’s deployed throughout our statewide branch network that provide more convenient service to our members. Not only do these machines operate as ATM’s 24/7, but they also provide the option to speak with a live GSCU Teller on screen during business hours. Members will also enjoy a wider variety of cash denominations with the ITM’s dispersing $50’s, $20’s, $5’s and $1’s. These machines allow experienced employees to operate the ITM remotely, serving more members at whatever location they choose to visit. 

Beyond the new innovative technology, this new branch also boasts a convenient location with plenty of parking and the customer service members know and appreciate from GSCU. We are excited to grow within another New Hampshire community and cannot wait for our Street Team to get out and say hello to our new neighbors! 

Opening a branch in a new location presents the opportunity to remind our members that we are here for all of your financial needs! Our free checking accounts provide members with access to over 30,000 Shared Branching ATM’s across the globe and over 5,000 branches in the United States. Members can also receive their funds up to two days earlier when they enroll in Direct Deposit.* When employers process payroll, rather than waiting until payday to access their funds, our members get their money sooner!

 The credit union works with members to help them with all of their financial needs. Energy costs are rising - I know my electric bill sure increased in recent months! With the increasing costs for oil and electricity, members are thinking about how to prepare for winter heating costs and GSCU is here to help. Our Lifestyle Loans can help you pre-buy pellets, or even install a pellet stove, to help heat your home or use funds for any reason that you choose. Debt Consolidation Loans can help refinance higher-interest rate debt into one budget-friendly, monthly payment that results in savings you can use towards other expenses. And our equity options make it easy to make home heating efficiency renovations a reality! 

Ultimately, the credit union continues to grow because of each of our members. Thank you for another great year, and we look forward to all of the new exciting things that 2023 will bring! If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or questions about GSCU, your accounts, or anything else, please use our “Talk to the CEO” button on the homepage of our website to communicate directly with me and the other members of our Executive Team. We value your membership and your feedback and satisfaction is important to us! 

Denise Barstow

 *Pending electronic direct deposits are available up to two business days earlier when GSCU receives the funds via the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) database. GSCU does not assume any liability for funds not depositing into the account early.