Summer has finally arrived! And after this past year I am sure many of you are excited for warm weather, relaxing days on the lake, long road trips, camping under the stars and other summer fun activities.

Here at GSCU, summer tends to be our busiest time of the year! During our annual Anything that Moves promotion our members are able to get a low interest rate loan to purchase a new or used vehicle, boat, RV, motorcycle, or personal watercraft. While other members use our Anything that Moves loan to save even more money by refinancing their existing loans from other institutions. Everyone is ready for some summer fun and our lending and financial services are here to help make it happen!

Many of you may be experiencing the challenging housing marketing right now. The housing market is so hot that many sellers are getting multiple bids over the asking price while buyers are finding it difficult to find their new home. But this doesn’t have to get in the way of your dream home!

We offer unsecured and equity loan options to help make the house you’re in more comfortable for now, or forever! Consider updating by, adding a home office, building a garage, or enhancing landscaping for a backyard oasis. It’s easy with an equity or a Hassle-Free Home Improvement Loan! Or if you’re just looking to make your home a little more comfortable this summer, our unsecured loans can help you finance the addition of air conditioning! Whatever your home improvement goal, GSCU is here to help!

And if you already have a loan with GSCU, don’t forget you can enjoy some summer fun by “Taking the Summer Off” from your consumer loan payments! Use the extra cash to take a vacation, start your staycation, or pay for the kids’ summer camps. Skipping your payment frees up some funds for whatever you need.

Another reason this summer is so busy at GSCU is because we’re also getting ready to open our AMAZING new branch in Nashua at 190 Broad Street. This location will have four drive-up lanes, Interactive Teller Machines, and a beautiful interior to welcome members. And if you were familiar with our previous location in Nashua, this one has abundant PARKING! We are looking forward to being your old neighbors in a new neighborhood! Watch for more news on this branch and if you are not already following us on social media I recommend liking our Facebook page or watching our Instagram feed for some fun content and news about this branch coming soon!

Finally, one last way we get to help members heat up their summer is with our exciting “You Shop – You Could Win Big!” contest! Have a GSCU Visa Debit Card? Don’t forget to set it as your default payment in Amazon, start using it for subscription services like Netflix, or load your Dunkin’s App with it - make it the card you choose during the month of July because one lucky member will win $1,500 just for using their GSCU Visa Debit Card! Click here for more details on this fun summer contest

2021 feels exciting for so many reasons, just leaving the house and seeing smiling faces are a couple of them. But leading the credit union into another exciting era is also something I’m looking forward to as we launch our next full service location. Do you have any suggestions, thoughts, or questions about GSCU, your accounts, or anything else? Use our “Talk to the CEO” button on our homepage to communicate directly with me and the members of our Executive Team, because your feedback is important to us!

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget that GSCU is here for you every season and every step of the way!

Denise Barstow