There’s a lot more to choosing a motorcycle than just looks. Are you looking to do some weekend riding, or heading out for an extended road trip? Will this be a commuter bike? Are you taking back roads, or riding on highways? Here are a few things to consider:

Size matters. Make sure you can sit with both feet flat on the ground. Weight is equally important! You need to be able to keep the bike safely balanced when you have to lean into a curve. Seat height and handle bar distance is equally important. Why?

If this is your first motorcycle you may want to consider purchasing a used one. You’re more than likely going to have a few “oops” moments during the learning process. Damaging a new motorcycle can lead to very expensive repair bills. 

Your bike should fit your current skill level and riding style, but also give you room to challenge yourself and grow. Try before you buy. Go to the dealership to test ride several different bikes to find one that is comfortable and easy for you to maneuver.

Don’t forget to get pre-approved before you go so you can negotiate the best deal for the best bike!