Fraudsters utilize many avenues to commit fraud, including but not limited to, posing as your financial institution through phone calls, emails, and/or text messages. They utilize information gained from data breaches such as the Capital One case and many others, as well as malware deployed onto personal computers.

Is it legit or a Fraudster attempt?:

  1. GSCU does send text alerts and emails for suspicious activity on your cards through our protection provider, EnFact. These texts and emails will prompt you to simply reply with answers such as "yes" or "no" to applicable questions regarding the fraudulent activity. Text alerts from Enfact regarding fraud will always be a 5-digit number.  
  2. If at any point you are uncertain or suspicious about questions being asked by a caller from any stated organization, hang up, and call their number directly by finding the number on the back of your debit/credit card or the number on their website. 
  3. We will never ask for your PIN. Do not give this information to anyone, no matter what they say. 
  4. Regularly check your accounts online to see if there is any suspicious activity. 
  5. Enroll your debit and credit cards with our CardControl app in order to receive real-time alerts as well as utilize the ability to lock and unlock your cards. 

If you're ever unsure or suspicious of any type of inquiry regarding your personal information we urge you to call 800-645-4728 and speak with a GSCU representative.