We’ve got some top-notch and lesser-known real estate tips for both buyers and sellers!


  • Get a professional inspection of the property. It’s important to check for cracks in foundation or basement walls. These can lead to leaks, pest problems, and expensive structural issues.
  • Don’t assume all fixtures are included. Inquire about appliances and larger fixtures such as chandeliers to make sure you’re getting what you expect. Be certain to document in writing what both parties have agreed to.
  • If you’re stuck in a bidding war a letter to the seller could come in handy. While the sale usually goes to the person willing to pay more, a kind letter stating what you love about the home and what it means to you just might sway a sentimental seller.
  • Research the neighborhood. Make sure part of the neighborhood won’t be rezoned into commercial space and get a sense of the type of neighborhood it is. If you’re able to, meeting the neighbors can provide inside information on the home’s history.


  • Curb appeal is key! Consider painting your front door a color that stands out and draws people in.
  • Deep clean your home! Make sure the clutter is kept to a minimum and your place is clean and inviting to prospective buyers. They need to envision your home as their own.
  • Storage doesn’t stop with the interior of the home. Closets are important but yard storage, such as a shed or garage, can mean a lot to buyers for storing tools, lawn care items, and even kids toys.
  • If budget allows, consider upgrading your windows for a modern, up-to-date look to the house and more efficient heating.

Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell – GSCU can always help with questions. Reach out to our local mortgage professionals for the help you need and good luck!