Cold winter months can lead to a lot of vacation daydreaming. Stop dreaming and start making real plans while you build a last-minute vacation fund to help you get away this year!

  1. Set up a separate Vacation Savings account at your financial institution. Determine how much you’ll put aside with each paycheck and have it deposited to the account automatically.
  2. Scale back on extra spending. Free up money by looking at your spending habits and cutting what you can – eating out, entertainment, and impulse spending will add up!
  3. Collect loose change – round up all the coins you’ve seen around the house and cash them in to add to your savings.
  4. Sell some clutter. Do some cleaning around the house and get rid of what you don’t use anymore. Sell on eBay or Craigslist or even Facebook Marketplace and use the funds specifically for your vacation.
  5. Consider your destination. Look for deals for getaways as well as at local attractions and restaurants at the destination.
  6. Use your points. Cash in your credit card and debit card reward points for travel expenses or for gift cards to use on your vacation – gas stations, restaurants, and more.

Start saving so you can go on vacation and start enjoying!