We get advice from people almost on a daily basis. Most of which we probably don’t listen to. But when that advice comes from a parent we are usually more attentive. We asked our members what the best financial advice their mom or dad ever gave them was and here are some of the responses:
“They taught me at a young age that money can buy material things, but the best expense is creating memories. So rather than buying another material item that will be tossed aside, save the money for a weekend away, a road trip… spend the money on something that will create an everlasting memory.”

“Never spend more than what you have.”

“Live within your means.”

“Handle your own money. Don't let anyone dictate how much money you have.”

“If you buy something on credit make sure you can pay off in full when the bill comes at end of month.”

“My dad always told me when I make a minimum payment on a credit card or bill that if I can afford it I
should put the same amount in a savings account. At the end of the year I would take the total in the
savings account and make a payment to that credit card or bill. I was excited to see how much I saved up
each year!”

“Invest in yourself! With every paycheck, don't forget to pay yourself first and make that deposit into your savings.”

“Every day when you get ready for bed put any change you have from that day in a jar. This will be
your vacation money for next year.”