If you’re working on making 2018 a year of progress, don’t forget to work on your finances too!

Step 1: Look at your spending throughout the past year and consider where your money was going and how it can be fixed to make 2018 into a better budgeting year.

Step 2: Set goals –whether that means this is the year you buy a home, upgrade your vehicle, pay off debt, etc. If you have a goal you can work towards success.

Step 3: Set a budget that includes working toward your goal and other tasks such as setting up an emergency fund, saving for your future, and paying off debts in a strategic way such as paying of those with the highest interest rates or the lowest balances first.

Step 4: Monitor your success but continuing to track your expenses, setting new goals, and monitoring your credit report by checking your report once annually from each of the credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Good luck with getting your finances in shape and don’t forget Granite State Credit Union is always here to help with your financial needs, including a Credit Report 101 session to help you understand your credit report!