Renovations to increase your home’s value


If you’re trying to sell your house in this hot market, chances are you’ll have a fairly easy time. That doesn’t mean you should just sit back and sell the home as is. Instead, try the following improvements to increase your home’s value before you put it on the market.


Do Some Landscaping


The “curb appeal” — how a house looks on the outside — is vital to maximizing the value of a home. You can add flowers to a garden, clear walkways and cut the lawn. Doing these small things will likely pay off big time.


Replace Garage Doors


If your house has a garage door, make sure it’s in good shape. If a new coat of paint won’t help things, consider replacing the entire door. According to a Homelight survey, garage door replacements return 93 percent of their value.


Update the Kitchen


A renovated kitchen can add thousands of dollars to a home’s value. In the Homelight report, researchers found “minor” renovations to kitchens return 72 percent of their costs. Think adding new light fixtures, replacing old cabinets and more.


Paint It Black


One easy way to increase your home’s value and the curb appeal is to paint your front door. And before you decide to merely paint the door the same color, consider black. Yes, black. According to a Zillow report, a study of more than 135,000 homes found that those with black front doors sold for almost three percent more than homes with other front door colors.


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