Looking to hit the road and adventure to new places that you and your bike have never been before? Look no further, we have you covered. Here is a list of our top motorcycle riding routes to experience this summer.

1. Kancamagus Highway (The Kanc) – This beautiful road takes you east down Route 112 from Lincoln to Conway. The Kancamagus is known as the highest roadway in the Northeast region, with some spots reaching 3,000 feet above sea level. From the gorgeous foliage to the vast mountain landscape, this riverside route has an endless supply of what the great state of New Hampshire has to offer. There are even pull-off stops along the way for you to park and enjoy the breath-taking views.
Rider Review: “The Kancamagus 112 is a must ride no question. Incredible scenery and great road conditions. RT 112 is fantastic!”
For more information: https://www.kancamagushighway.com

2. Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire Ramble – Thinking a little more towards the border? Try out this route where you start and finish in New Hampshire’s capital, Concord. Riding along this route will bring you through some nice towns north of Boston, with little to no traffic. Stop in Hollis for some orchard views, or maybe enjoy some local artistry in Peterborough.
Rider Review: “A beautiful sunny day added to this loop made an incredible riding experience. We will definitely be riding this loop again in the future.”
For more information and detailed directions: visit https://www.motorcycleroads.com/75/291/New-Hampshire/Northern-MA-and-Southern-NH-Ramble.html#sthash.Rx0akGdX.dpbs

3. Mount Washington Auto Road – For riders out there who crave adventure and adrenaline, try travelling 25.5 miles from Conway to Mt. Washington using Route 16. This ride takes you up the mountain, where you can see for 20 miles on a good day. The roads are in good condition, but may look intimidating due to the cliffs to their sides. Be sure to bring a jacket! One rider claimed that it was 80 degrees at the bottom, but 29 degrees nearing the top. This is definitely a ride meant for the summer months.
Rider Review: “A must-do ride…if not faint of heart.”
For more information and detailed directions: visit https://mtwashingtonautoroad.com

4. Route 119 – If you are interested in visiting New Hampshire’s neighboring states, stick to Route 119! The ride begins in Groton, Massachusetts, headed northwest on Route 119 through New Hampshire, and find yourself in Brattleboro, Vermont. You can view some beautiful farm landscape. Be on the lookout for the falls at the Ashburnham State Forest! This is an excellent place to stop and explore. Interested in hiking? You’ll find yourself near Pisgah State Park in Winchester, New Hampshire! This state park is home to 13,300 acres of forest landscape, with many hiking trails.
Rider Review: “Lots of great country roads, all one lane. Awesome for any level of rider. Plenty of stops along the way for a bite to eat, a drink, gas up etc.”
For more information: visit https://www.motorcycleroads.com/75/291/New-Hampshire/Route-119.html#sthash.fFnaPKfF.dpbs

5. The Nashua Triangle – If you’re looking for a scenic route that has New England written all over it, discover what the Nashua Triangle route has to offer! Throughout this ride you will pass Silver Lake State Park, a perfect destination for a camping adventure! You will also cross a covered bridge in Pepperell! There are some restaurants along the way if you’re looking for a bite to eat.
Rider Review: “Great ride it's my mind eraser when I need to get out for a short ride.”

The directions are below:
Start at Rt 101A From Hudson, NH and take 101A West,
Turn Left on Rt 122 just before Milford, NH
Turn Left on Groton St(Next turn after rt 111) in Pepperell, Mass
Turn left on Lowell Rd (rt 113)
Turn Left on East St
End of rd Trn Right on Groton St (rt 111A)
End of rd Trn Right on 111
Finish at starting point.

Some honorable mentions to check out this summer:
1. The Grafton Notch loop
2. New Hampshire Route 123
3. Back roads from Boston to Wells, Maine
4. Route 118 from Warren to Lincoln
5. From Mass to the Americade (Tours through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont)

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