Meet the men and women who drive the Granite State Credit Union vision.

Denise Barstow,
President & CEO

Many members have been surprised to receive an instant response to a late-night email inquiry from Granite State Credit Union’s CEO, Denise Barstow. But those who know her recognize that she embraces an “always in touch, hands on,” approach to the way she leads the credit union and her life. Her remarkable ascent from teller to CEO, in part stems from this dedicated approach.

Denise earned her BS and MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, serves on multiple Boards of Directors, and is devoted to family and community. Born and raised in Belmont, Denise grew up on a farm tending to crops and caring for animals. Here, her sense of nurturing that has remained a touchstone in her life took root. Staying in touch with those around her and taking care of their needs is second nature. Whether running errands with her kids, snuggling with her grandson, or simply enjoying a quiet dinner at home, she remains tuned into the needs of her family... and her credit union.

Bob Fleury,
Executive VP & CFO

As a kid traipsing through the woods of New Hampshire, Bob would study old stone walls intently, recognizing the handiwork and skill it took to create them. That appreciation was the foundation for a life-long passion of using his hands to create furniture in the American Craftsmen style, remodeling his home – and of course, building his own stone walls. A philosophy of living simply and finding balance is evident in all aspects of Bob’s life. From years of coaching youth sports, raising his four kids, to interacting with his colleagues in the workplace, Bob leads his life with a hands-on approach. With a career of more than 20 years in the State of NH Banking Department, Bob's professional experience and hands-on approach have helped to ensure the credit union continues to build upon its tradition of fiscal strength and security.

Michele Plaza,
Executive VP & CIO

Running three kids to their year-round sports practices and games, her daughter to piano lessons, making dinner and then planning the next family party is just an average day for Michele. Her family and children are her passion. One look at her face as she watches her children participate in the activities that they are passionate about, and you see her pride in their achievements. Michele recognizes that Information Technology is a 24-hour a day job and her love of technology allows her to remain connected and proactive to member needs any time - day or night. Michele participates on the credit union’s Online and Mobile Banking vendor’s Advisory Council, providing a direct channel for member feedback to reach those responsible for development of those solutions. She understands that technology is intertwined in everyone’s lives making it easier to juggle everyday demands, while remaining passionately connected to what matters most, family. 

Karen LaPlume,
Senior VP Member Experience

In her more than 30 years with the credit union, Karen has overseen numerous areas of the organization including Consumer Lending and the Call Center. The fast-paced environment and variety of her responsibilities make GSCU the perfect fit to her. Karen loves to travel both near and far. She enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, and kayaking. Karen and her husband have two grown daughters and she loves spending time with the family Goldendoodle. When asked how she has stayed with one company for so long her answer is always the same – the people she works with.

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