Community Giving

Granite State Credit Union is committed to helping the individuals, businesses and communities we serve. We recognize the importance of fostering strong community ties and proactively lend our support to charitable, non-profit and educational organizations throughout New Hampshire.

As a member-owned financial institution, GSCU encourages involvement in community groups and philanthropic initiatives. Member requests as well as organizations, with the broadest reach throughout New Hampshire communities, particularly those with a GSCU location, will be given additional consideration. These include, but are not limited to, local schools, law enforcement, fire and rescue, civic groups and statewide charitable organizations. 

Who We Support

GSCU's Charitable Giving Policy describes the criteria by which all GSCU-initiated, and unsolicited requests for support, are assessed. The policy streamlines GSCU's management of limited charitable funds in support of New Hampshire communities in an equitable and responsible fashion. Our giving program is budgeted annually and is subject to the availability of funds. 

Proposals for support and contributions must meet the following criteria:

  • Organizations that are defined as nonprofit under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.
  • Organizations or events of a primary focus within the New Hampshire communities GSCU serves.
  • Projects or programs that can be characterized as:

            - financial literacy/education that improve the financial well-being of individuals and communities and    
            - community-based programs that benefit the social and cultural health of a community. 

    GSCU will not provide funding for:

    • Religious organizations
    • Organizations or projects that discriminate against individuals based on race, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference.
    • Organizations or projects that are considered to be in direct competition with GSCU
    • Political organizations or candidates
    • Individuals

    In addition to the standards listed above, the following guidelines will be considered in evaluating requests for contributions and donations:

    • Degree of benefit to the communities GSCU serves
    • Level of communication of GSCU's mission in the community
    • Humanitarian value and service to the community.

    Submission Deadlines

    Applications are accepted monthly and reviewed for consideration of support. Successful candidates will be notified via email by the 15th of the following month. 

    All materials submitted in the application process become the property of GSCU and will not be returned. 

    Complete applications complying with all the requirements should be emailed to or mailed to Charitable Giving, ATT: Marketing at Granite State Credit Union, PO Box 6420, Manchester NH, 03108.

    Award Process

    Each month, GSCU will conduct a budget review and grant awards based on current funds availability. Requests for support (only one request per year/per applicant will be considered) may come from members, individual Credit Union management and staff, and the general public as specified above. All applicants MUST apply for support in writing by the last business day of the month. Successful applicants will be notified by the 15th of the following month. 

    Application Procedures

    The following procedures apply to all requests for financial or in-kind support. The application must be completely filled out with the following information and then emailed to or mailed to Charitable Giving, ATT: Marketing at Granite State Credit Union, PO Box 6420, Manchester NH, 03108: 

    • A brief description of the requesting organization's purpose, the project's objectives and any relevant deadlines or event dates 
    • A detailed description of the type and amount of support being requested, as well as any materials or other items requested to accompany support 
    • A description of group's or communities that will be served by the organization's program that is being funded by the request
    • The organization's EIN number
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