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Secure Message Center

To ensure the confidentiality of private information sent via email and comply with privacy laws, Granite State Credit Union has implemented an email encryption service. 

GSCU offers a two-way email encryption solution that eliminates the need for specialized software or certificates. All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption, and a Granite State Credit Union Secure Email account.

If you have not received an expected email from us, please check your spam folder first. Steps to add trusted email addresses to your "whitelist" so that they can pass easily through your spam filter vary across different email and Internet security platforms. It may be as simple as adding to your Contacts list or clicking sender name "Mark as Not Spam."


How To Open Your Email

  1. When the credit union sends you a secure email message, you will receive a notification email with instructions on how to open the message.
  2. The notification message arrives in your email Inbox.
  3. You should select Open Message in the notification to go to the Secure Message Center and view your email.
  4. You must go through a simple one-time registration process.

How To Set Up Your Email Account

  1. Enter your email address and a password to register and begin sending and receiving secure messages.
  2. After you register and sign in to the Secure Message Center, your message will open and you can view the message details and Reply.

Login Secure Message Center

To help protect your privacy, if you should need to send personal account information, such as your member number or Social Security Number, to the credit union we recommend using our Secure Message Center.

Login to the Secure Message Center

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