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Fraud Protection for your Debit/ATM Card

Your financial wellness is our primary concern. Safeguarding your Debit/ATM Card is an important part of our business. In order to ensure your Debit/ATM card is protected we use the leading fraud prevention service called EnFact. No matter how careful you are with your financial records, criminals may still find ways to access your card information. By monitoring your normal spending patterns, our fraud protection service evaluates your transactions for suspicious activity. This service helps protect you from fraudulent activity. There are multiple reasons a transaction can be flagged as potentially fraudulent. This may include sudden changes in purchase locations, an increase frequency in high dollar transactions or your card is used unexpectedly overseas or in a foreign country.

Once EnFact identifies the transaction as suspicious, the EnFact automated system will contact you to verify the transaction in question. Your response to this call is critical to prevent potential risk and avoid restrictions we may place on your card. If you confirm that the transaction is not legitimate, the card is immediately blocked to prevent fraud from recurring.

You should expect the following when being called:

What you can do to protect yourself…
               o EnFact (Domestic) 1.800.262.2024
               o EnFact (International) 1.973.682.2652
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