Fraud Protection for your Debit/ATM Card

Your financial wellness is our primary concern. Safeguarding your ATM/Visa Check Card is an important part of our business. We use a leading fraud protection service to detect suspicious activity.

No matter how careful you are with your financial records, criminals may still find ways to access your card information. By monitoring your normal spending patterns, our fraud protection service evaluates your transaction for risk of fraud. If a transaction is considered suspicious, a fraud specialist will contact you to verify whether it was authorized by you. If you confirm that the transaction is not legitimate, the card is immediately blocked to prevent fraud from recurring.

There are steps you can also take to protect yourself:

* If you're traveling abroad, you can continue to be able to access ATMs supporting the Visa or Plus networks with your GSCU ATM/Visa Check Card. However, please note due to recent international fraud, GSCU routinely blocks countries with excessive fraud from performing ATM/Visa Check Card transactions.

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