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Due to the increase in COVID-19 positive case numbers in New Hampshire, we are operating via Drive-Up Service Only until further notice. 

If you do need to schedule an appointment you can do so here. You can also reach a GSCU representative 24/7 by calling our Contact Center at 800.645.4728 or by utilizing Live Chat on our website.


  • Getting help to get out of debt is good for you

    The Reaches of Debt

    January 18, 2022 | Credit

    A study finds debt can lead to poor physical health

    Credit card debt isn’t good for you… In more ways than one. Obviously, having lots of debt can cripple you financially, but a new study found that it can also negatively impact your physical health.

  • Is an equity right for you?

    Do or Do Not

    January 10, 2022 | Mortgages

    How to know if you should borrow against your home equity

    Amassing equity by paying down the mortgage on your property is a good thing. Equity refers to the amount of your home that you own.  If your home is valued at $200,000 and you owe $100,000 on your mortgage, that means you have $100,000 in equity. One of the benefits of equity is that you can borrow against it. The question is, should you?

  • CreditLine CEO Message - January 2022

    January 04, 2022 | Credit Union News

    2021 was a challenging yet exciting year. We appreciate your membership and support as we continue to look ahead to 2022 and beyond.  

    I want to thank you for your patience and kindness towards our staff during 2021 as we managed some challenges caused by COVID-19.

  • Paying With Mobile Can Be Safer Than Plastic — If You Do It Right

    January 03, 2022 | Technology

    Paying With Mobile Can Be Safer Than Plastic — If You Do It Right

    Understanding the latest security innovations and protections — layered passwords, staying off public wifi — can make a big difference

    Our smartphones make life easier in so many ways. As if calling, texting, web surfing, and using social media wasn’t enough, now, thanks to mobile banking apps, you can handle your finances on your favorite touch-screen as well.

  • Missing Steps

    December 27, 2021 | Fraud Awareness and Protection

    What to do if you lose your wallet or purse

    Losing your wallet or purse is a giant financial headache. You basically have to get on the phone and call everyone — health insurance providers, credit card companies, etc. — to get things back to normal. If you’ve lost your wallet or purse or had it stolen, here’s a look at what you should do and how to do it.

  • Get Back- How to Make Sure You Hit Your End-of-Year Savings Goals

    December 20, 2021 | Saving

    How to make sure you hit your end-of-year savings goals

    Believe it or not, 2021 is coming to a close. That means it’s time to think about your end-of-the-year savings goals. Are you going to reach them all? None of them? Some of them? Here’s some tips for getting things back on track to hit those goals.

  • Digital Clippings

    December 14, 2021 | Saving

    A look at the best coupon apps

    The way people find deals when shopping has changed. For the most part, the days of clipping paper coupons are gone. Now, when you want to save while shopping, you download an app. Here’s a look at some of the best.

  • Cybersecurity Check-In: Five Ways To Be Safer Online

    December 06, 2021 | Fraud Awareness and Protection

    Follow these steps to protect your identity and sensitive financial information

    Keeping your computers safe from cyber attacks isn’t just something governments and large industries have to worry about these days. Anyone who uses a smartphone, computer or other electronic device to send email, visit social media sites, search the internet or even pay bills online can fall victim to criminals looking to hack into your accounts to steal your passwords, identity and money.

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